There’s Lots Going on At MommyTech These Days

A two day celebration of moms and families — from toys to tech, from cooking to travel. We’ve teamed up with our good friends at The Big Toy Book , KidzVuz,  Charlene Chronicles and Real Mom. Yes, MommyTech is spreading its wings.

We’ll be in NYC at the lovely Location 05 on July 17th and 18th.

We’ll bring you all the tech that’s best for busy family life. Others will bring you toys, back to school, and great new ideas for family life.  Get to  see the fall season’s hottest products and services in an intimate, fun environment.



When: July 18
Where: Location 5, West 34th St. , NYC 

Join us for a day of product introductions that cover mom’s life from kids to health, from tech to beauty.  Meet the top voices of the mommy sphere. Try out new products.  Speed dating, parties, food tastings,  roundtables and other food for the soul. 

where Families are Front and Center

As the Internet of Things moves for a schematic on a page in an engineer’s mind into reality families are the big winners. From finding your car to finding your kids. From connecting to your long lost friend to connecting to the heating system or the front door lock of your home, families are enjoying unprecedented control over all things remote.

Wristwear, eyewear and other wearables are beginning to play an important part in family connectivity. Does baby have a fever? Is your teenager speeding in the car? Is the neighbor knocking at your door? How long will it take to drive to pick up dinner groceries? What’s the best after school program? In every case, the answer to the question is that technology is supplying new ways to get the answer.

This year we’ll be back with the successful MommyTechTV spearheaded by veteran journalist, Andrea Smith.

We’re looking for your ideas as well as your sponsorship of this showcase at CES. The goal is to create the most immersive, currated and captivating look at how technology continues to bring new tools for the today’s family. To find out more about how to get involved contact [email protected].

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2015 International CES

When: January 6 –January 9
Where: The Venetian/ Sands Conference Center, Las Vegas
What: MommyTech Summit and MommyTech TV: Showcase, conference and streaming TV to bring the world of family tech to life at CES