Having a MommyTech conference at CES is sort of like a having an LGBT party at Sochi—it doesn’t always compute. As a matter of fact, reporter, Lauren Goode from Re:Code snapped this photo from the MommyTech show floor. It captures the paradox.

That said, we’ll do just about anything short of calling it a &^%$ fest if that’s what it takes to get women’s relationships and their wants factored into technology. Our conference mixes women’s issues like raising kids and juggling life/work relationships. The show floor gives our exhibitors a chance to talk directly to moms about the products that typically fall under their purview.

Front and center on the show floor was Whirlpool showcasing the most modern washer/dryers and fridges (hint: you can text your fridge or have your cooktop talk to the Internet). Other show floor highlights included the newly announced Canary, a complete home security and monitoring device that’ll watch for everything from intruders to flood damage. Velodyne brought their fabulous line of artistically perfect Bluetooth headsets. And better yet, they drove them to the show using the Google driverless car, which uses a LIDAR device made by Velodyne. Neato was there with their latest robotic vacuum cleaner and SimpliKey  showed the future in keyless locks activated by your smartphone alone. (Imagine letting your guests arrive even when you’re not there to let them in.)
Two special treats at this year’s MommyTech Showcase were the Augmented Reality Headware exhibit and the FashionWare exhibit area. Augmented Reality? We gotta believe that families will embrace headware devices as a way to work hands free, to study in new ways, and to keep in touch with busy lives. And fashion-forward moms at CES want to know about VERT, which measures how high you jump, DEOS, which is a mesh of jewelry and sound technology, the Swarovski studded phone cases, new dresses from designers embedding the latest in sensor technology, and new luxurious fitness bands like the one from LG Systems. Our FashionWare area was always 3-deep in attendees witnessing the making of history. .
At the epicenter of the MommyTech show floor space was MommyTech TV–two days of live streaming broadcasts as well as an archive of fabulous new family products. Hosted by Andrea Smith, technology expert, and a team of carefully selected bloggers, MommyTech TV showcased everything from SpinMaster’s Zoomer (the doggie robot), to cell phone bracelets for kids from KMS and Filip, to interviews with LG Systems, Belkin, and Randi Zuckerberg, author of Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives.

The MommyTech conference focused on the Jetson Prophecy–products that really make mom’s life a more simplified one. From Netgear’s hot spot that follows you anywhere to Magisto’s video service to preserve family memories. From Memloom’s new audio visual storybook to DropCam’s easy to install and monitor HD TV remote camera. Mom’s everywhere can enjoy newfound freedom.

Randi Zuckerberg’s keynote encouraged authenticity and transparency online. Chrissy Watson’s cautionary words to mom bloggers served us well, and an incredible panel of visionaries led a look at wearable technology and what it means to women. 


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To sum it up, the Internet of things, low powered Bluetooth, cloud-based services and the mobile device as the center of mom’s world create an environment perfect for the juggler. Everyone (mom, dad or other) who balances home life and work life, staying in touch 24×7, or making time for priorities, was intrigued by this year’s MommyTech. See you in 2015 when we delve further into the ever-changing family technology dynamic.

Be well and keep in touch,

Robin Raskin and Andrea Smith, your hosts at MommyTech and MommyTech TV